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Housing Market

Market points to house price falls

Dear Reader, My view on house prices is controversial to say the least. Most people don’t agree with me. In fact one kind soul went as far as to call me an idiot. But being in the minority is something I’m perfectly comfortable with. And now it’s not just me who’s ...
Read More | Date 27/05/2010
The Right Side

Two junior miners poised to hit the big time

Junior mining companies have two big problems. The first is finding anything worth digging out of the ground. The second is actually doing so. Mine development takes an awful lot of time and money. And junior miners usually lack the financial muscle and the ...

Proof that the Penny Sleuth is leading the way!

Dear Reader, It seems that The Penny Sleuth is making waves… Other Small cap news... HydroDec shares tick up as business powers forward Shares in HydroDec (HYR) move up as it announces good progress and says that it may not need to raise fresh ...

Why the new government must tackle this NOW

Dear Reader, Just before they were shown the door, the Labour government was actually threatening to do something useful. This was to review the issue of whether shares listed on the Alternative Investment Market (AIM) should be eligible for inclusion in tax-free ...

Are you gambling with your money without knowing?

Dear Reader,An old mate just asked me if I fancied a trip to the races at Newmarket in a couple of weeks. “No, not really my thing... thanks, but no thanks”, I replied.He was incredulous... “You love gambling, you’re always gambling. If it’s not houses, or shares, ...
Read More | Date 25/05/2010
The Right Side

How do you trade when politicians are  meddling?

How on earth do you trade these markets?Trying to drive while a passenger’s fat, clumsy hands are grabbing at the wheel is practically impossible. Nobody’s certain of where the car’s going...Right now we’ve got politicians all over the globe grabbing at the wheel, ...
Read More | Date 21/05/2010
The Right Side

This penny share could slash the UK's energy usage

You have heard of the iPod and the iPad. Now get ready for the ‘imop’. Other Small cap news... IMD shares boosted by strong profit forecast Shares in Independent Media Distribution (ticker: IMD) jump as it reports “vibrant increasing sales” and profits that are ...

How a Swedish construction worker broke the banks

Before I get started today, I want to make sure you do something very important...And it could make a tremendous difference to your wealth over the coming years.All YOU have to do is make sure you read tomorrow’s Right Side as soon as you receive it.What you’ll ...
Read More | Date 19/05/2010
The Right Side

A penny share that could profit from the post-Deepwater shake-up

Dear Reader, In today’s issue, a tiny company involved in a technology that could have helped prevent BP’s Deepwater Horizon oil spill. Ben van Bilderbeek is a frustrated man – and with good reason.He thinks that his invention, POS-GRIP® method of engineering, is ...

Why the trend really is your friend. Ignore it at your peril

Dear Reader,There’s a phenomenon that has the power to kill your investments, or really give them a boost. The problem is that it’s really not in the interests of financial advisers to let you in on it.So what is it?Long, drawn out market movements that really ...
Read More | Date 18/05/2010
The Right Side


Oil Refining
Your Chance for a Huge Win in the Next Great Oil Frenzy
We’ve followed the Falklands oil story in Penny Sleuth for a while now. To get the background, take a look at our 15 January issue: The 'Big Four' Falklands Oil Shares. ...
Is This the Only Right Way to Play the Property Market?
Wednesday 17 February. That’s the date you’ve been waiting for. That’s when I’ll reveal what could be the most exciting small cap oil play of the decade. You must ...
Why South Africa's Gold Miners have a lot to Answer for
If you were to try and quench your thirst by drinking water from a river or stream in South Africa’s Witwatersrand Basin, it’s highly likely that you would in fact ...
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Daily Reckoning


Small Cap





Spread Betting UK


Emerging Markets

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    Why Political Risk Should be Top of the Penny Share Investor’'s Agenda
  • Why 12 May is Critical for this Penny Share China Play
  • Traditional 'Safe Haven' Investments Don't Work. Here’s a Good  Alternative
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    How far house prices are really likely to plummet from here on in...
  • Why the Bank of England’s frantic rate cuts WON’T make a scrap of difference
  • How to safeguard your assets no matter what happens to property prices
  • How to avoid the “negative equity trap”
  • The little-known “trigger point” that could mark the start of the real recovery
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Investing in a Bear Market | Investment Tips to Help You Survive it
14/08/02008 | Read more »
The Future Of Biofuels - The Twisted Economics Of The Carbon Economy
23/06/02004 | Read more »
Investing in Uranium - How To Select the Shares With PotentialInvesting in Coal Stocks - Why Coal Should Be Part Of Your PortfolioAlternative Energy - Nuclear Power Is The Only Long-Term OptionGold Investment: Why You Should Buy Gold Today

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Diamond Mining Companies - A Sparkling New Year For DiamonEx Gold And Silver Mining - Lots Of Projects In The Pipeline Platinum Mining - The Highs And Lows

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Investing In Water: A Far More Precious Commodity Than Oil

Your capital is at risk when you invest in shares – you can lose you some or all of your money, so never risk more than you can afford to lose. Figures may refer to the past or be forecasts. Past performance and forecasts are not reliable indicators of future results. The FSA does not regulate certain activities, including the buying and selling of commodities such as gold. If in doubt about the suitability or taxation implications of any investment, seek independent financial advice. Articles published before 1st May 2010 were published by Fleet Street Publications Ltd.